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Company for intermediation in insurance Konekta plus Ltd.

Being the responsible insurance broker, Company for intermediation in insurance Konekta plus Ltd. for its clients:

  • Analyzes existing insurance coverage;
  • Indicates risks and client's need for insurance;
  • Points out the details of offered coverages;
  • Operates in such a manner to decrease great administration in insurance business and saves client's time and engagement of client's employees;
  • Provides the best terms and price on the market, through the already proven power of a large buyer;
  • Monitors payment and due date for insurance renewal;
  • Participates in the procedure of application, evaluation and liquidation of damages;
  • Performs other types of services in the scope of Company activities.

Our services are related to all types of insurance.

Which types of insurance there are?
According to the Law on insurance, there are two groups of insurance:

  • life and
  • nonlife.

Life insurance encompasses insurance which provides life or health coverage. Combined life insurance enables you to prepare for the time when you will not be earning as much as in the previous period by investing in your savings. In the same time, it also enables you to insure yourself and your loved ones against various unwanted events that life ma bring..
Nonlife insurance encompasses larger number of various insurance types: accidental injury< insurance, voluntary health insurance, motor vehicle insurance, goods in transport insurance, property insurance, credit insurance, road assistance insurance, and other types of nonlife insuranceosiguranja.

Why do we need insurance?
Osiguranje je potrebno radi obezbeđenja ekonomske sigurnosti za eventualnu štetu koja može nastati.
We need insurance in order to provide economic safety for potential damage that may occur. You can be insured against various unforeseen events: natural disasters, fire, flood, injury at work, baggage loss during travel.
Also, you can be insured against events that are foreseeable, such as insufficient income in the old age.
Insurance is an economic necessity, and dilemma may occur only when choosing risks we would like to be protected against or when choosing insurer. When signing insurance contract you must be precisely and completely informed on given type of insurance and you must be aware of exactly which economic protection for paid premium given insurance will provide you.

You should only conclude insurance contract that you understood and when you clearly know which are your rights and obligations and which are the rights and obligations of the insurance company.

For this very reason we are there for you, because we believe that to be happy and successful means to make the right choice!
In conclusion, insurance brokers and intermediators in insurance offer advice to their clients depending on client's wishes and needs when choosing insurance type, evaluate risks to be insured against and the manner of insurance.