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Why hire Konekta plus?
Company for intermediation in insurance Konekta plus Ltd.
Back in the XV century old merchant from Dubrovnik who was also economist and diplomat, Benedict Kotruljević said:

"A merchant must be insured, because in that way he will not be exposed to great peril. No man got bankrupt from paying the insurance premium, while many went bankrupt for not ping it.''"

Company for intermediation in insurance Konekta Plus Ltd. was established and is developing in Serbia. The company employees built their careers in various areas of the business, and obtained their professional competencies in the field of insurance with the support of local and foreign experts. One of the crucial reasons that a large number of clients gave their trust to Konekta plus Ltd. is profound knowledge and understanding of Serbian market and of specific needs of its clients.

Today there is a great variety of possible choices when it comes to insurance products that a client needs professional advice in order to make the right choice.

So, Konekta plus Ltd., depending on the wishes and needs of its clients, advises them on the selection of insurance type, evaluates risks against which one should be insured and the manner of insurance.

Often, it is necessary to combine several products of various insurance companies for the purpose of creating ''new product'' which is optimal for the client - tailor made solutions.

Konekta plus:

  • Provides optimal offers thus saving your time and money you previously spent for insurance purposes;
  • Is able to provide offers of all leading insurance companies, while the insurer is able to provide only its products;
  • Provides advice and assistance in compensation claim processing;
  • Does not charge clients for its services while providing entire professional and administrative service, for the duration of the Contract, including direct engagement in the communication with the Insurance company;
  • Employs professionals in its team for performing tasks of intermediation in insurance;
  • Has authority with insurance companies due to a large number of clients in its portfolio;
  • Is characterized by high level of excellence of its services;

Insurance broker Konekta Plus Ltd. Belgrade has consent and license issued by the National Bank of Serbia for intermediation business for all types of insurance and is registered with the Agency for Business Registers of Serbia.

Company for intermediation in insurance Konekta Plus Ltd. Belgrade especially guarantees its clients that, in compliance with the contracts it has with Insurance companies, insurance premium cannot be higher than insurance premium in the offer made independently (without Broker) by the Insurance company.